Who I Am

Forward Thinking, Forward Moving, Forward Taos!

I'm not your conventional businessman. I'm street educated, self taught, singularly driven, and naturally intuitive. Every circumstance & project is different, and I create specific solutions to every evolving need.

An Example Of Past Projects:


Backed by an out of state investor, I'm the guy who created & branded the concept, hired and orchestrated an amazing team, creating "Raw Taos the Juice Bar. It was built in 6 weeks, hitting every major deadline with flawless accuracy. Once our doors were opened, I began a relentless ad campaign, that included newspaper, magazine, motorized mobile advertising, on foot business to business and street sampling, outdoor events, and resulting from the kindness and love of two individuals, held a six week long raw juice benefits, short radio segment on the world famous KTAO 101.9 Solar Radio 5 days a week, during the Paddy Mac morning show.

Why I’m The Best Choice For Your Project

"Forward Taos"

I have now moved on to create "Forward Taos," a marketing company focused on working with individuals and businesses to help propel our local economy. Why am I the best choice for your individual and business needs?

 I spent 15 years of my life as a professional pitchman, traversing the western states on the trade show circuit, fairs, and festivals. Living deep in the crowds, I learned in depth the meaning of emotionalism in sales and marketing, and so much more about human nature. 

Money is earned with hard work and intelligence, but the real reward is our collective prosperity. When I help you build your business, you benefit, I benefit, and our local economy grows stronger, creating jobs and financial security, for our friends, family and community.